Clinical Guidelines

What are clinical guidelines?
Documents that provide statements to guide clinicians and their clients on the recommended healthcare for a specific disease or condition.

Who develops a clinical guideline?
A team of physicians and clinicians who have the expertise in that particular area of healthcare.

How is a guideline developed?
With oversight of the Quality Improvement Department, the members of the team research all the current information on the treatment of the specific disease or medical condition. This information is evaluated in a scientific manner to see if it promotes effective treatment. A decision is made with respect to what are the best treatments. These treatments are published as a guideline for use by the physician and patient. Guidelines are periodically reviewed to incorporate any new treatment discoveries.

What clinical guidelines are published by Optima Behavioral Health (OBH)?
OBH currently has clinical guidelines for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, monitoring clients on second generation antipsychotics, alcohol abuse/dependence, and childhood and adolescent antidepressant medication management (for primary care physicians).