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Hampton Roads Area Providers
Here you will find a directory of outpatient mental health providers in the greater Hampton Roads area. Listed are providers who participate in the Optima Behavioral Health network and serve Optima HMO and POS health plan members. 

Provider Search
You can use our Provider Search to obtain information on any provider in the OBH network.  You will need to know the type of Plan you have, i.e. HMO, PPO, POS, or Optima Family Care (listed on your Member ID Card).  

While you do not need referrals from your primary care physician (PCP), you may need to obtain pre-authorization to ensure that your care is covered. Your health care plan may require pre-authorization from Optima Behavioral Health or from the Optima Employee Assistance Program. Pre-authorization also ensures your care will be covered in-network. For help with understanding your benefits or obtaining pre-authorization, please contact Member Services.  

Contact Information
Contact Member Services to obtain pre-authorization or get answers to questions you may have about choosing an outpatient mental health provider.