About Us

Optima Behavioral Health (OBH) is one of Virginia's largest and most experienced behavioral managed care organizations. With over 15 years experience and nearly 3,500 providers across the state, Optima Behavioral Health has developed personal knowledge of Virginia's populations, regional travel patterns, provider communities and local practice standards.

At Optima Behavioral Health, we are committed to providing quality healthcare through quality driven providers. We have customized provider networks that are carefully selected, fully credentialed and designed to provide geographically accessible, barrier-free and clinically appropriate care. 
Our programs are designed with our customer in mind. We strive to ensure that each person we serve receives the best quality care.

Our Mission:
  • We improve health everyday.
Our Vision:
  • To be the healthcare choice of the comunities we serve.
We Provide:
  • Excellent customer service through our experienced, caring, and well-respected team members.
  • Provide access to high quality, innovative and cost effective behavioral health care.
We Are:

  • Unique, flexible, and innovative in our approach to managing behavioral health services to ensure each patient receives the quality healthcare they deserve.
  • One of Virginia's largest behavioral managed care organizations, backed by the experience and reputation of Sentara Healthcare.
We Serve:
  • Small and Large Group Commercial Employers
  • Local Governments, Schools, and Agencies
  • Regional/National Health Care Plans
  • Medicaid Recipients
  • Medicare Recipients